Community Management Offerings

Building communities is far from your daily activities as a product developer, game designer, metaverse engineer, or crypto geek. Yet, a supportive community is the backbone for any thriving blockchain project.

If your project is unable to juggle multiple marketing and development tasks while firefighting unexpected bugs and crashes, a community management partner, like MetaWise, is who you need to help you out and take some load off.

Challenges We Help You Overcome

The MetaWise Way To Success

We offer two community management services

Discord Management

Emerged as a voice and text chat app for gamers, Discord is now the go-to space for web3 community building and project research. An inactive Discord server can heavily impact your project’s IDO. 

Discord management by MetaWise includes:
    • Regular announcements and updates
    • Engaging with the community in real-time
    • Answering questions and resolving queries
    • Moderating conversations
    • Conducting AMAs, polls, and other engaging activities
    • 24/7 Community Management
    • Discord Monetisation & Moderation Bot
    • Discord Statistics & Analytics Bot
    • Discord Custom Bot
    • Anti-Spam Bot
    • Dynamic Bot (Extra)
    • Project-oriented server design
Verification, Welcome, and FAQ Bots

We help you set up verification, welcome, and FAQ bots on your server so that you only let in genuine users, keep spam bots at bay, and help new community members find their way around the space. 

Discord – Verification page, Welcome page and FAQ Page set up

Leveling Bots, Invite Tracker Bot, Cool Graphics, and Reaction-Roles Graphics

We also set up leveling bots, invite tracker bots, and reaction-roles graphics to give your community members a more personalized experience without you doing additional work. 

Discord – Levelling Bot and Reaction Roles Graphics set up

Discord Quiz and Daily Events

We ensure your server is always buzzing with activity by setting up quizzes and daily events that keep the community engaged. This is done by holding Q&A sessions, configuring bots for contests, and managing reward distribution. 

Discord Quiz for community engagement and interaction

Discord Events and Whitelist Contests

Our team will run Discord events and whitelist contests that create a sense of urgency and excitement around your project. These are great for driving up FOMO and boosting your community’s growth.

Discord-specific Contests – VOID Genesis NFT Whitelisting Contest

Support Ticket

We integrate support ticket functionality in the Discord server so that your team can get to resolving queries privately, effectively, and efficiently. This is crucial to reduce spam via DMs and FUD. 

Discord – Support Ticket set up

Telegram Management

Telegram is the go-to space for announcements, updates, airdrops, and AMAs for most web3 projects. A well-managed Telegram group can often be the deciding factor for users when it comes to whether or not they want to invest time and energy in a project.

Telegram management by MetaWise includes:
      • Engaging with the community in real-time
      • Regular announcements and updates
      • Answering questions and resolving queries
      • Moderating conversations
      • Conducting AMAs, polls, and other engaging activities
      • 24/7 Community Management
      • TG Monetisation & Moderation Bot
      • TG Statistics & Analytics Bot
      • TG Customised Bot
      • Anti-Spam Bot
24×7 Management
You can sleep soundly at night knowing that our team is keeping an eye on your Telegram group 24×7. We make sure to take care of all the necessary updates and announcements, as well as answer any questions that may come up.
Managing Polls and Contests
We also help you run polls and contests efficiently by managing the process from start to finish. This includes coming up with engaging questions, setting up bot functionality, and distributing rewards.
Customized Bots
In order to create a more streamlined experience for your community members, we can set up customized bots that allow for direct forwards from the Announcement Channel to the relevant Community Chats. This will ensure that users are immediately directed to the right place when they want to ask questions or join in on conversations.

Want your communities to be managed professionally?

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