Tryhards Client Case Study

TryHards NFT Shooting Game Sees A Miraculous 71x In Token Price After Successful TGE

MetaWise was on-boarded as a marketing partner from Day 1. We offered end-to-end marketing services with an aim to make TryHards a leading NFT project.

About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter powered by the Polygon network. 

TryHards had a great game plan, but the only thing missing was the prowess of an NFT-Game marketing team to build a closely-knit community of players and investors.

MetaWise Client Case Study – TryHards – NFT based Blockchain Shooter


TryHards had to overcome the following challenges to ensure a successful IDO launch: 

● Raise awareness about the game and the $TRY token
● Attract industry leaders and investors to back the project
● Become a globally-known NFT shooting game

Our Strategy

● Elaborate content-driven GTM strategy
● Maximize word-of-mouth
● Regional marketing campaigns

The MetaWise Effect

The TryHards token ($TRY) saw a spectacular 71x price increase from the time of listing, ranked #1 on DEXTools, gained over 70,000 new followers on Twitter, and attracted 100k+ monthly website visitors.

How We Executed

Region-Specific Outreach

We targeted the Asian P2E gaming community. TryHard’s partnerships were strategically entered with projects and KOLs based in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand. 

Social Media

Through intense social media activity and a tailored content plan, we built TryHards Twitter handle from scratch and helped it reach over 70K followers!

TryHards Social Media Growth Statistics

Search Engine Optimization

To boost TryHards’ official website ranking, we conducted multiple website audits, implemented on-page & off-page optimization techniques, and posted keyword-optimized blogs. As a result of the consistent SEO-optimized content approach, TryHards secured 100K+ website visitors.

TryHards Website Visitors Reports – 105,079 New Users

Word-of-mouth reps

Due to high engagement, some community members even turned into word-of-mouth representatives by constantly discussing the project everywhere they went. Soon TryHards became a household name for the Crypto gaming community, and players were anticipating the token launch.


MetaWise conducted numerous contests to keep community engagement rates high. The IDO Allocation Contest, for instance, was a series of 5 different community contests that helped increase project awareness.
TryHards Website Visitors Reports – 105,079 New Users

Special Whitepaper Contest

This contest is intended to educate the community members about the project in-depth and ultimately turn them into HODLers. Running such contests served as a cost-effective strategy for the project. Winners were rewarded with IDO Allocation Spots and participated in the IDO. This was a win-win situation for both the community & the project!
TryHards WhitePaper Quiz to education, entertain and reward the community

NFT Lootbox Giveaway

TryHards NFT Giveaway was hugely successful due to relentless promotion on social media and community channels. The interactions neared 4K showcasing the community’s faith in the project.
TryHards NFT Giveaway

IDO Marketing

Following the region-specific approach, TryHards collaborated with the partners and conducted over 50 AMAs in just two months! We ensured communities backing the partners also took an interest in the TryHards IDO, therefore, creating a multiplier effect for the marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging the FOMO element, we attracted several well-known KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to become early investors. And this became the critical factor behind the project’s success. The faith KOLs showed in TryHards led the project to earn global popularity.

Press Release

To spread project awareness and build credibility, we reached out to reliable publications such as CoinTelegraph & Yahoo (embed links) and published PR blogs.

IDO & Listing

The community was eager to participate in the TryHards IDO. TryHards conducted its IDO in 5 different Launpads, including

TryHards ranks #2 in Top 10 IDO Charts
TryHards ranks #1 in Dextools Hot trading Pairs for Polygon Chain
TryHards ranks #7 in Top GameFi Projects Charts

On November 24th, the $TRY token was launched on QuickSwap and PancakesSwap. Within no time, the value of the $TRY token rose by 71 times from the listing price, and ranked first on DexTools with a staggering volume of 10,000,000 trades!

MetaWise is the reason why TryHards has been a massive success. Thanks to their sharp strategy and persistent marketing, we are a leading NFT Game in the industry today. Go MetaWise! -Thomas CEO TryHards

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