Community Management
Community is everything in crypto.

Build Your Tribe

Blockchain startups and crypto projects are often overwhelmed by the amount of community management work that is required. Managing a community can be a full-time job, and it’s often difficult to find the time or resources to do it effectively.

At MetaWise, we provide community management services for blockchain startups and crypto projects, so you can focus on what you’re best at – BUILDing your project.

Troll The Trolls

Trolls, FUDsters, and haters – oh my! You’ll inevitably run into some negativity and criticism when you’re managing a community. But with our help, you can turn those trolls into your biggest advocates.

Our team of experienced community managers has seen it all, and we know how to handle every type of situation – from the mildest criticisms to the most vicious attacks.

What Is Included In Community Management?

Managing a community is a complex and multifaceted task. But at its core, community management is all about building relationships –

with your team, your users, and your members.

Telegram/Discord Moderation

We will help you enforce guidelines and keep the bots and spammers out of your groups.

Bot Creation and Customization

We will help you create and customize bots for your Telegram / Discord group, so you can automate tasks and keep your group running smoothly.

Content Repurposing and Curation

We will help you curate content and repurpose them for different channels in a way that is relevant and valuable to your community.

Community Engagement

We will help you keep your community engaged and active, so they feel like a part of your project.

Host Internal AMAs

We will help you host internal AMAs and events, so you can engage with your community and get feedback about your project.

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