Case Study – MetaFighter

MetaFighter Token Sees A 5x Price Action With Our Go-To-Market Strategy Execution

MetaWise was on-boarded as a marketing partner in the initial stages of the project. We offered a full suite of our marketing services in order to grow the project and make it one of the leading P2E games in the NFT market.
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About MetaFighter

MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Earn NFT fighting game that captures the essence of arcade fighting classics.


MetaFighter had to overcome the following challenges to ensure a successful IDO launch:

  • To increase project awareness & gain more followers on social media
  • To build a strong community
  • To attract industry leaders & KOLs 

Our Strategy

  • GTM strategy targeting the gaming community in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia
  • Region-specific marketing campaigns
  • Advance monthly planning and reviewing

The MetaWise Effect

MetaFighter token ($MF) sees a successful IDO launch with a 400% surge in token price from the time of listing and 6.3 million $MF tokens staked! 

How We Executed

Influencer Marketing

As part of the KOL outreach campaign, we got influencers with massive communities, like WillyRex, to show interest in the project and talk about it. The influencer marketing strategy proved highly effective at the time of IDO. 

Willy Rex’s video on MetaFighter

Press Release

MetaFighter released Press release in Tech Times & CoinTelegraph to gather more attention and establish credibility.

MetaFighter feature on CoinTelegraph


We conducted several contests for the MetaFighter community. It helped the project create more engagement as the members competed and interacted with each other to gain rewards.

Community Contest – Name Your Character Contest

This is a unique contest where we asked the community members to participate and name every new character added to the MetaFighter game. This allowed the members to feel emotionally invested in the project.

MetaFighter Name Your Character Contest

Viral Contest – MetaFighter Pass Giveaway

To create hype and get more people to join the MetaFighter community, we held a mega Pass Giveaway where the participants had to enter the official Discord server and then engage with existing users and the project admins to win the passes.

MetaFighter Discord Server set up

Social Media

Following a targeted content plan, we consistently engaged with the MetaFighter community on Twitter. As a result of proactive efforts, the account amassed a massive following of 60K+ users. 

MetaFighter Social Media growth

Thumb-stopping Visual Content

Our team produced some of the most eye-catching visuals for MetaFighter. We used bright brand colors with complete liberty to imbibe the action-filled theme. It brought out the essence of the project in a manner that every member felt ready to fight just by witnessing. 

Stunning visuals for MetaFighter

Check the game trailer we made for MetaFighter

MetaFighter Game Trailer

Website Design and Development

The first version of the MetaFighter website was our invention. From ideation and design to end-to-end development – we carved the inch of the website.

High conversion Banner Ads on crypto sites

IDO Marketing

We organized unique marketing campaigns with each launchpad to attain maximum exposure for the upcoming MetaFighter Token Generation Event (TGE). To keep the community active, we organized AMA sessions – covering all formats (text, voice, video) on every popular channel (YouTube, Telegram, Discord) – with the project partners, and leveraged their communities to expand the outreach further. 


Banner ads in premium Crypto sites were run around MetaFighter IDO and Listing period to gain awareness and to attract retail investors. 

Banner Ads IDO promotion managed by MetaWise

IDO & Listing

Post a highly successful IDO launch, the $MF token was listed on PancakeSwap DEX on 14th April, and later, the CEX Listing was done on DigiFinex on 26th May.

DexTools as #1 on Dextools

Listing Contest

Win a Tesla Listing Contest: MetaFighter Win a Tesla Contest was a massive contest, probably one of the biggest in the Web3 space at the time, where the winner had the opportunity to win a Tesla car or get $70,000.

The appeal of the reward was met with a massive response from the community. Consequently, the project raised a stake of 6.3 Million $MF tokens! 

MetaFighter Tesla Contest managed by MetaWise

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