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Build trust and authority through top-tier publications.

Amplify Your Reach

You’re doing your best to get the word out about your project. But it never seems to crossover the Twitter and Reddit gates into dinner conversations with friends and family. You want to be in the news, but you don’t know how.

With a network of over 400+ tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 Crypto / Fintech PR publications, we can ensure that your message is amplified and your project becomes the talk of the town.

Experienced Crypto Journalists

No one knows your project as you do. But sometimes, it takes an objective third party to see the potential that everyone else is missing. 

Our team of in-house crypto journalists not only has the knowledge and expertise to get your project featured in top publications, but they also have the connections to make it happen.

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What Is Included In a Press Release?

Putting your press releases is not a ‘click-click-done task’. They require an understanding of what the publications may or may not like, publishing time frame, tonality, and more.

Topic Recommendations & Drafting

Recommended topics unique to your project that have a high likelihood of making it to the news, along with high-quality, factually accurate, and newsworthy content ready to be submitted to publications.


We have a network of over 200 top-tier media and news publications to help your project make the most out of every release. Submit your content to publications at the most opportune time for the most incredible visibility.

Content Distribution & List

We will distribute your project's content throughout our network to potentially give millions of monthly impressions. A comprehensive list of different tier publications that your project will be submitted to.


Our in-house team of web3 journalists will help you at every step — from content style to newsworthiness.

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