Graphic Designing Portfolio

A year back, just HD images could appeal to your audience and make them stop to view your content, but now times have changed. To grab the attention of today’s Web3 users, you must show exciting GIFs and thumb-stopping videos. 

That is why we offer all kinds of visuals you might need to make your project stand out from the crowd. From static HD graphics to GIFs and videos, we leave no stone unturned to bring your project idea to the surface. We deliver graphics and visuals with a better turn-around period than industry standards.

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The MetaWise Way To Success

We offer three types of graphics

Static visuals

Our idea behind creating static graphics is – Less content, More action! We believe a graphic should capture the complete idea being presented.

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MetaWise Graphic Creatives – Get spectacular creatives for your project


Some of the most entertaining and widely used formats of content on social media are GIFs. We create GIFs to grab the attention of the project community and get them to engage with the content. 

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Regional Channels in Discord GIF

3D video

Making a 3D video is possible when a project has 3D elements. We did it for the Battle Saga game trailer. Interestingly, the response was incredible! The trailer helped the project to grab significant attention during the TGE and IDO. 

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3D Video Trailer made for Battle Saga

2D video

One of the most immersive and creative ways to boost your audience engagement is using 2D videos to convey the idea. 

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MetaFighter Trailer Video

We made this game trailer for MetaFighter without voice over and focused on creating impact just by using the visuals.

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VOID Game Introduction Video

However, for VOID, we decided to go with a voice over because it amplifies the message of the NFT gaming revolution that the project sought to bring. 

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