Influencer Marketing
Nothing beats social proof from your favorite people.

Win Hearts

Web3 projects are often met with a lot of skepticism from the public. People don’t trust blockchain startups and crypto projects because they’re new and unproven. They think that these companies are just trying to take advantage of them. 

MetaWise is here to change all that. Our network of relevant and legitimate influencers will help build trust for your project and give it the social proof it needs.

Reach More People

The influencers in our network have a combined reach of millions of people. That’s a lot of potential users you would otherwise not be able to reach.

We’ll help you connect with relevant influencers in your industry and create content they want to share with their followers. This way, you can get your message across without sounding like a commercial. 

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What Is Included In Influencer Marketing?

Marketing crypto projects through influencers has become one of the most effective ways to reach potential users.

List of Influencers

We'll help you create a list of influencers relevant to your project and target the influencers that are most likely to be interested in your project.

Key Opinion Leader Onboarding

We will identify and onboard key opinion leaders in your industry. These are the people that have the most influence over potential users.

Price Negotiation

Our influencer experts pitch your project and attempt to onboard influencers as investors for maximum impact. We negotiate and ensure you don't overpay for influencer marketing.

Campaign Management

From start to finish, we'll manage your influencer marketing campaign so you can focus on other things. We also get on weekly calls to discuss progress and impact.

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