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The community always comes first for successful crypto projects, and we at MetaWise, know it in every fiber of our being. 

MetaWise is on a mission to build global crypto projects one community at a time. We do this by engaging and bonding with our communities through contests, AMAs, tutorials, etc., which unites us all under an umbrella of meta-bond-creating stronger relationships than ever before!

Challenges We Help You Overcome

The MetaWise Way To Success

Based on the goal, we classify contests into three categories

Community Contest

These contests help the community members to feel part of the project’s development. Good examples of such contests are Name your Character contest, Story writing contests, Most Active on Telegram contest. 

To make users feel a part of the project, we conduct contests like “Name The Character” where inputs from the community are considered and incorporated into the project. Over 50% of the character names in the MetaFighter metaverse game are voted directly by the community members.

In a story writing contest, community members deeply interact with your project, and as they come up with creative stories, they become emotionally invested in your project.

While the project has to spend $0, the engagement it gets is worth thousands! These month-long contests are highly effective in keeping community members active, even when the market is unfavorable.

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Community Contest – MetaFighter Name your Character Contest

Community Contest – MetaFighter Story Writing Contest 

Viral Contest

Viral Contest – GoldeFy Pre-Registration for Mining App

As the name suggests, these contests are intended to go viral and reach out to new spheres creating project awareness. The Viral contests can be as generic as a Gleam Campaign or even specific to one particular channel. 

For the GoldeFy Pre-Mining App launch, we conducted a Pre-Order event to boost the hype around the new product. Offering rewards for completing easy-to-do tasks, we gathered a massive potential user base. As a result, the Pre-mining app gained 30K simultaneous access users within 2 hours of release. Check out our case study for a complete rundown of how we did it.

Viral Contest – TryHards NFT Giveaway

Another popular form of promotion is giveaway contests. We marked an amazing feat of nearly 4K responses with TryHards NFT Giveaway of 100 weapon Lootboxes. All of this, and more, resulted in a 71x price increase for the project’s token, $TRY. 

Viral Contest – VOID Genesis NFT Giveaway – Discord only Contest 

The VOID Genesis NFT Contest is a good example of a Discord-specific viral contest. VOID wanted to funnel its users from Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram to Discord. The aim was to grow the community in Discord post Listing. And we did it! 

Listing Contest

Here the aim is to spread awareness about the native token’s listing, plus ensure that the token holders HODL post-listing. E.g. MetaFighter, Win a Tesla Contest. 

MetaFighter’s listing contest was probably one of the biggest ever. Win a Tesla contest aimed at ensuring that $MF tokens bought by investors during listing remain staked even after the listing period. And it worked like a charm! The project raised an unbelievable 6.3 million $MF tokens. Read our detailed case study if this seems too good to be true!

Listing Contest – Win A Tesla Contest 

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