We are pleased to announce our partnership with Klon, a project that offers unique life-like avatars compatible access metaverses. To spread the word about their project and help them grow, we offer them various well-thought-out marketing strategies. 

Through this partnership, Klon is able to interact better with its community, receive honest opinions, and present its finest work. We’re thankful to have such a remarkable project partnering with us. Their ideas and plans for the future are quite promising.

We, at Metawise, with our in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and constant tracking of the ongoing trends, have proudly taken up the responsibility to navigate Klon through the nitty-gritty of the web3 space and build active online communities.

About Metawise

MetaWise is a marketing firm that offers services beginning with the fundraising stage. Among the several services offered by MetaWise, the most important are Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Contest Management, SEO, and Newsletters. In addition to this, MetaWise offers IDO / Listing-specific services such as KOL onboarding, Influencer Marketing, Press Releases, Banner Ads (PPC), Forum Promotion, Video Production, Region-specific Campaigns, and so on.

It is a team of industry professionals that provides strategic help in partnering, tokenomics, investor pitches, blockchain development, site development, and resources to its customers and partners as needed.

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About Klon.ai

Klon.ai is an innovative platform that creates lifelike avatars called KLONs to access the metaverse. Klon follows a multi-chain approach and connects different metaverses securely. As a result, it provides a seamless metaverse experience by allowing users to switch from one metaverse to another with just one click.

Apart from offering complete ownership of their avatars, Klon provides the flexibility to be anonymous and reveal their identity only in the desired places. The high-end 3D avatars can adapt to different metaverses while still being unique. Each KLON will have a SKOR (KLON Score) that reflects its social status in the metaverse.

Users can also earn money with their KLONs from the metaverse. The more users interact with the metaverse — being active, trading items, storing values, etc., by associating with their KLON, the more rewards they can receive in $KLON — the native metaverse token.

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