Being one of a kind marketing agency with hands-on expertise in digital as well as traditional marketing, we are now focusing on promoting Blockchain technology globally. With the goal to show the true value of the projects of our clients, we, at Metawise are partnering with Safegram. Safegram is a crypto to fiat bridge, a two way physical and digital B2C and B2B solution that has brought about a worldwide mass adoption of blockchain through transfer services.

Through this collaboration, Metawise will be able to make use of the exclusive access to all of SafeGram’s flagship products which include money sending services both for our community and for our team where applicable. We will also be able to avail direct and easy access to the team of SafeDEX for potential DEX listings and VIP farms where applicable. We will be able to take advantage of SAfeGrams’s revolutionary on-chain communication infrastructure that enables cross crypto to fiat transitions and also the other way round and that too for everyone. SafeStarter launchpad will also be collaborating with Metawise with the aim of offering marketing services for a portfolio of projects which would be both exclusive and partner projects in need of an IDO.

Metawise has the strategic and technical expertise of the industry and provides tailor-made solutions which help the clients in reaping the benefits they deserve. Safegram will also be able to avail of Metawise’s active support in strategy and help in marketing their products and services. These customized strategies will help push Safegram’s projects and services in front of the right set of audiences to help them maximise their maximum potential. Moreover, this will help Safegram expand its current follower base and reach. Currently, Metawise has a portfolio diversified of projects that include DeFi, Metaverse, and gaming-based projects. These supportive connections will open up many more avenues and bigger opportunities for Safegram.

About SafeGram

SafeGram is a secure, private and fully decentralised ecosystem which aims to transform the way we exchange value online. Its easy-to-use, non-custodial DApps are available both on the web and mobile,

It is a decentralised ecosystem that aims to refine the world of DeFi and completely change the way we exchange value online. It is built around the SafeGram Send Money Services DApp which runs on a decentralised on-chain infrastructure that enables remittance services and gives the users the power to do business anywhere in the world, having no need to entrust them with funds or even disclose any sensitive or personal information. This all is made possible through the use of easy-to-understand proprietary SMART Contracts which are coupled with decentralised applications and community-governed systems and the available DeFi tools.

Safegram is a crypto to fiat bridge, a two way physical and digital B2C and B2B solution. Safegram’s send money services can be utilised through the SafeGram DApp or in-person using any of the thousands of ATMs owned by Safegram and spread throughout the world.

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About Metawise

MetaWise is a marketing agency that provides its services starting right from the funding stage. Having worked in several Blockchain verticals such as DeFi, NFTs, NFT-Game, Launchpad & Metaverse, Metawise can efficiently recognize the specific requirements of any project and come up with unique strategies best suited for the project. Our research team is constantly on the lookout for industry trends and evolving, enhancing and developing the best marketing methods and practices. The services that Metawise provides include major ones such as Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Contest Management, SEO, and Newsletters. Apart from these, Metawise also provides IDO / Listing-specific services which include but are not limited to KOL onboarding, Influencer Marketing, Press Releases, Banner Ads (PPC), Forum Promotion, Video Production, and Region-specific Campaigns and the list goes on. Our team has an experience of over 10 years in the industry provides strategic support in partnerships, tokenomics, investor pitch, blockchain development, web development, and resourcing as needed by its clients and partners.

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